NEWS FOR 2022 - Are you here from an Etsy search?

Hi! If you have reached this page from an Etsy search, and found that our former etsy shop is on "permanent hiatus" -  which it will be as of January 1 - then you have come to the right place! 

For various reasons that we will not bore you with, as of January 2022 we have decided to focus on our website here instead of on Etsy - their rising fees and other things have contributed to this decision. We have more control over our store and our listings when we do it ourselves instead of through a platform ran by others. So thanks in advance for your business! 

If you are looking for a file that you saw on Pinterest or etsy, but cannot find it on this site yet, please email me directly at along with the name of the item, and I will make sure to get it on this site if its not yet here as I am still working on getting all of my more popular items on to this site. 

You can also go to our main page and do a search in the search box for the item name you are looking for to quickly see if it is in this store yet. 

Thanks and Happy New Year!